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Copywriting is the engine of your marketing vehicle. When your words push the right buttons at the perfect time, your product becomes a no-brainer. But here's the deal...Most copy stinks! It's basic, corny, or hard to read. Good Copywriting can make even the most boring information feel like watching your child take its first steps, or maybe even your girlfriend dumping you... or whatever else I want you to feel.Most ads don't make people feel anything, which means they won't act on anything. Your writing should make customers feel like they want to learn more about your business. then act on that feeling. For example, clicking on a big "learn more" button... Just like this one below.

About Your Writer

I'm Brad Lackey, a Former All-Conference Collegiate Basketball Player turned marketer and content writer. I have a history of helping businesses very fast. Most notably fitness and Athletic brands.
In just 3 months, I doubled monthly revenue numbers as a General Manager at LA Fitness with my sales and marketing strategy. I founded one of the top basketball camps in the State of Washington welcoming over 100 campers this past August, in just our 2nd year. I have personally mentored dozens of young athletes with 1 on 1 and group coaching, and I'll occasionally short and Long-form content regarding Sports Psychology, Leadership, and Mental Health among athletes when I'm not working alongside a business.

Services I Offer:

E-MAIL MARKETING (Because most people's inboxes aren't crowded enough anyway)
. The vehicle of your brand identity matters. Email offers some of the most exclusive attention to your business. From your previous customers to those who have recently looked at your site. The biggest obstacle is standing out from the rest of the inbox. Which is why copy is the most important piece.

SMS: Basically E-mail, but more annoying. So when your customers are waiting on an "I miss you" text they instead see a poetic product description from your business, and maybe even a discount. Cause who doesn't love retail therapy :)

Guiding your customers exactly where you want them to go, with concise copy, that maintains the tone of your business, and paints a clear picture of what to expect from your product or service. We help you format and intentionally guide your customer's experience on the site.

Paying for ads can get you exposure, but exposure means nothing if your message and brand identity aren't obvious in the ad. We do that for you so you get the clicks you want and the conversions you need.

AND MORE: Product Descriptions, Labels, blog posts, Billboards...if you're into that, and anything else that requires written engagement with a consumer.Do you like what you see?