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Copywriting is the engine of your marketing vehicle. When your words push the right buttons at the perfect time, your product becomes a no-brainer. But here's the deal...Most copy stinks! It's basic, corny, or hard to read. Good Copywriting can make even the most boring information feel like watching your child take its first steps, or maybe even your girlfriend dumping you... or whatever else I want you to feel.Good copy is what keeps the customer's attention line to line, leading them directly to something like... I don't know a big, shiny, and perfectly placed Call-to-Action button.Oh look, that's where you are :)

Services I Offer:

E-MAIL MARKETING (Because most people's inboxes aren't crowded enough anyways). I go crazy for good subject lines, big shiny BUY NOW buttons, and money in my client's pocket. E-mail marketing provides exclusive attention without having to pay for ads. Odds are you aren't making the most of your E-mail campaigns. I can help

SMS: Basically E-mail, but more annoying. So when your customers are waiting on an "I miss you" text they instead see a poetic product description from your business, and maybe even a discount. Cause who doesn't love retail therapy :)

SALES/LANDING PAGES: To keep the people engaged once they click those big shiny buttons. I will provide the frameworks that keeps clients around, but even if they leave, they'll be back the next time they check their inbox.

AD COPY: You're paying for the ads, i'll make sure to fill the space with buying words so you know you're getting the most out of your advertising budget. Meta, Google, Print etc.

AND MORE: Product Descriptions, Labels, Written Copy, Billboards...if you're into that, and anything else that requires written engagement with a consumer.You like what you see? Here's another button for you, looking forward to chatting with you soon!

About Your Writer

Brad Lackey Is a Former All-Conference Collegiate Basketball Player, Turned Direct Response Marketer. He is astute in marketing for Fitness and Athletic brands, Scaling multiple businesses within the industry in a quick fashion. Lackey founded one of the top basketball camps in the State of Washington. He personally mentors dozens of young athletes with 1 on 1 and group coaching. Lackey also writes consistent Short and Long form content regarding Sports Psychology, Leadership, and Mental Health among athletes.